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Default Muscles on arms

I started skating at the start of this year (I could always skate but in the last 20 years probably averaged a skate a year, if that) and have fairly quickly become kind of obsessed. I try to do a couple of 5-10k outdoor skates a week in inlines but it's hard as the weather stinks at the moment and I rink skate in quads 2 or 3 times a week.

I was seriously out of shape when I started. A healthy weight but no real muscle tone or definition and no stamina for cardio so I was excited to take up a hobby with such an array of health benefits. It didn't take too long to notice a real improvement in my stamina. Just little things like not being out of breath if I had to run a short distance, more obvious power in my legs, etc. But at the weekend I looked in the mirror when I was getting dressed and my arms haven't looked this good since I did serious martial arts training in my mid-20s. I've read all the articles that state skating even works the arms but I really was not expecting this sort of obvious improvement this quickly. It's genuinely amazing!

I have post-pregnancy injuries that prevent me from doing a lot of exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, cross-fit and many types of weight lifting, so I'm beyond delighted in the physical improvements skating is bringing for me. I wonder if it's the rink skating or inline skating is more responsible for the arm improvements. I think I engage my arms more inline skating, especially during sprints because I can't just glide about on the rougher ground but there is absolutely no way I've done enough outdoor skating yet to have made this kind of difference to my arms. So, even though I feel no noticeable arm engagement at the rink, they are obviously doing a lot of work that I'm not feeling. (And to top it off, I expected to have put on weight thanks to the muscle gain but I've actually lost a few pounds.) It seems way too good to be true that I'm just having excessive amounts of fun while experiencing this kind of gain.
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