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Originally Posted by Dazzler View Post
I wonder if it's the rink skating or inline skating is more responsible for the arm improvements.
I'm guessing that since your overall activity level has improved your stamina that you are just doing more routine stuff than before. This combined with burning fat may have revealed some definition that was "padded" before the weight loss (of fat). Muscle weighs more than fat so you can have a weight gain but still be burning up lots of body fat.

It seems way too good to be true that I'm just having excessive amounts of fun while experiencing this kind of gain.
I have been skating 54 years now. By my calculations I have been on skates roughly 3 years total if you add up all the hours, rinks and outdoors. I have skated 3000+ miles in one year. Some here can nearly double that amount.'s FUN! Don't tell anybody. Tell EVERYBODY!!

Cheers, and welcome!
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