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A weight lifter I met years back used to go to the gym multiple times a week. He got injured in his upper body and could only do legs, situps sets for a while.

In his downtime from most of the upper body training, he focused a lot more on legs. Doing so actually accelerated his upper body growth oddly enough. Your legs help to generate upper body strength and to some degree, some believe it helps with testosterone.

I skate hard when I get to at the rink, lot a of high intensity short bursts. I never bench press anything and dont push on anything with more than 50 lbs of force at my job. However I can easily bench 185 lbs(my body weight)4 times. And can rep 135 a little over 20 times.

I think it's more that hard reflex during a sprint or abrupt changes in direction which is enticing the muscle growth. That super hard actuation of your arm muscles for a very brief period combined with the legs usage helping your overall body physique.

There's a few other people that run the same machine as me and do the same work I do and some that are younger, and their arms are NO WHERE close to the appearance of mine.

Just googled it, apparently doing squats alot helps biceps significantly.
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