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Originally Posted by rufusprime99 View Post
But I have been hammering my thighs on the bike rides. It has also made my skate night a lot more fun having thighs with a little oomph to them.
I have been wondering about that. I bought an exercise bike last year and used it twice the first week and it's been used to hang towels on ever since. If I thought using it would build muscles that would improve my skating I think I'd use it more.

Originally Posted by Mort
I think it's more that hard reflex during a sprint or abrupt changes in direction which is enticing the muscle growth. That super hard actuation of your arm muscles for a very brief period combined with the legs usage helping your overall body physique
That's what I've been thinking. I've tried paying attention when skating and I think I can feel the effort in my arms at those points. I don't particularly want my arms to get overly muscular and built, but the definition and increased muscle I'm seeing is a pleasant surprise. I was at the playground with my son at the weekend and for the first time in probably decades I grabbed onto the monkey bars and made it the whole way across. I was actually holding my phone between my legs as I was just trying to demonstrate to my son how to do it and was under no illusion that I'd actually make it across. Yet I did it almost entirely on upper body strength as I couldn't really engage my legs without losing my phone. It can only be down to skating as it's the only exercise I do.
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