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Originally Posted by Dazzler View Post
I have been wondering about that. I bought an exercise bike last year and used it twice the first week and it's been used to hang towels on ever since. If I thought using it would build muscles that would improve my skating I think I'd use it more.
Yeah. It should. I also have an exercise bike. Well, it is an Airdyne. The bike with the push pull handles and a fan for resistance. That thing is actually pretty hard when compared to a bike on one of those rear wheel trainers. I mean, I can easily do a cadence of 80 or more on a bike attached to the trainer. On the airdyne, 60 is pretty hard. I think I can do 90 for a short period. Like an all out effort. That is actually what I like that machine for. Doing HIIT workout.
High Intensity Interval Training. I'll warm up, then go as hard as I can for 30 seconds, rest a couple minutes, then do two more intervals. Once my arm finally heals up, I will do that some.

You should try and use the bike some. Maybe even do some high speed hard pedaling for some set period of time. It can really get your blood pumping, and get your legs feeling stronger for skating.
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