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Default original style Snyder Imperial plates and jump bar

Hi There Doc,

I just upgraded my skate world by buying a super nice, barely used set of riedells with snyder imperial plates.

The plates are old, I think maybe first generation Snyders with no jump bars.

I asked the seller about them and if jump bars were needed--i'm 6'2" 220 lbs, I don't jump but try to learn how to do the whole roller boogie/disco thing.

He said that from what his suppliers told him, you cannot fit jump bars to the original imperial design--something about the angle being different and if I just ordered a new jump bar in proper size, it wouldn't fit teh original imperial plates.

Now, I have perused the forum and everything I can find and I still don't see an answer to this question.

Clearly, the parts are a bit different from the newer models of Imperial--I have old generation pivot pins, they are not black and they do not have the dual nut design, they have the flattened threads for adjustment and then a lock nut.

Also, it appears to me that both the hex nut that locks the king pin in place as well as the cushion retainer washer is a different part on my plate when compared to newer Imperials.

--my hex nuts are flat, they do not have the shoulder portion that holds jump bar and extends into cushion retainer washer.

So, main question: can i retrofit a jump bar onto these plates if I get right size bar, the newer king pin hex lock nuts, and the proper cushion retainer washer???

--I have already upgraded the cushions to sure grip super cushions with no problems.

Or, is that a no go.

I can see it being both possibilities--no upgrade, or upgrade but have to buy several new parts to fit the jump bar which match the newer design.

Guy I got my skates from is riedell rep, def knows his stuff and really set me up with a nice deal on some nice skates.

I just want to make sure that I can skate fine with no jump bars if that is how they were originally designed or install them with the proper parts if I can so its better safe than sorry.

I'm just big, don't want to break anything.


what tool do you use to adjust those pivot pins when they do not have the little hex fitting on there and just the flat threads???

and is there a good youtube video showing this process? I have them right, I think, doesn't seem like they really move around or anything, but reading about it and seeing it done are two different things.


if you had just come into a set of original snyder imperial plates, are there any essential tweaks and upgrades you'd do to make them even better?

Like I said, I already upgraded to the sure grip super cushions.

is it worth it to get the new style pivot pins (black ones with the hex fitting for adjustment in lieu of that little flat spot on the threads?

do the mod to the king pins for reverse adjustment (seems liek that is a lot more expensive parts, unless maybe when you do jump bars (if possible) you already have to buy the new king pin hex lock nuts and stuff?

the snyder parts are expensive, so I don't want to start tweaking unless it's a good and sensible upgrade.

I've read as much as I can, but clearly these parts have changed over time so I don't want to do anything that doesn't work or I lose money.

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