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Default Bont Quad Racer or Solaris

Hi Doc,
My ancient 295's you mounted the Royals on are starting to wear out. Also, they've always caused forward foot cramps after an hour or so. Not your fault, my Oberhamer 61s, Riedell 695s do too. All those are old, vintage boots, with a heel. I'm thinking of trying a new boot, without a heel. Either the Bont Quad Racer or the Solaris.

I have a regular width front foot, size 9.5 fits me best. But I have toe problems mostly on the left, the big toe is turning inwards, with a bump where the first joint (the part you measure with a Brannok device) that needs a tad more room. I've also found with hiking or walking shoes I get horrible cramps in the ball area if I don't have a wide shoe. If I wear sandals there is never pain, even on long hikes. I take that to mean I need wide.

Or would sticking with a low heal be better? Maybe the new 595 or 695? I don't like the rough leather Riedell puts in them now, so was leaning towards the Solaris, that looks more comfortable.

What would be the better boot for a mostly recreational session skater that still likes to do speed some. As a reminder, I'm experienced....been skating for 40 years! Thx.
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