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Question Plates & mounting for Bont ParkStars

Hi DocSk8,

Long-time reader, first time writer. Thanks for sharing your hard-won knowledge with all us skate fiends. Anyway, I just got boots (Bont ParkStars, sz 36.5, in semi-custom suede) for my new skate build and I'm stoked to move on to the next phase of the process. Woooooo!

Current set-up: Sure-Grip Boardwalk suede boots (size 6) on Pilot Falcon plates (size 5.5); primarily rolling Mota Toxic wheels both indoor/outdoor but switching out for harder wheels inside and softer wheels outside on occasion
Issues: Boot too long (half sizes not available), too narrow across toes, too wide across heel, one boot upper mounted crooked on its sole

This was my cheap I-need-to-be-out-of-rentals-and-in-my-own-skates-ASAP" set up that I bought when I first returned to skating last year after a 20 year hiatus. I bought a shearling hide and used it to line the tongues and inside the boots to take up a little room so the boot fit a little better, and I got 1.5 years of skating joy out of it--primarily session skating, but also skate classes, outdoor trail skating, and towards the end, some park/ramp skating.

Now it's time to upgrade! I am getting more and more into ramp skating and I am so ready for boots that actually fit and a better overall set-up. As a kid, I skated some mid-range Chicago artistic skates; I was totally self-taught and never touched the trucks, cushions, wheels, etc. Pretty sure they were 5* or 10* tops with locked-down trucks. When I returned to skating, I gravitated toward art skates because that's what I know. Over the last year I've been reading SLF and started playing with my cushions (using the softest option now) and adjusting the trucks. The Falcon has 16* kingpins and my skates are more responsive now than I've ever skated before--and I'm loving it.

As I said, I've been doing more ramp/park skating than session skating these days so these new skates need to work for ramps/parks. I've read a ton of your posts about plate sizes, degree action, and mount placement, and am leaning towards your standard recommendations for all (i.e. "short" Avenger Mags mounted in front of center of ball of foot). However, as I've read about different park skate set-ups, it seems like a lot of folks doing ramp skating prefer a narrower degree of action, longer plate, and pretty tight trucks--all in the name of stability. So that gave me pause, and I wanted to see what your thoughts are about ramp/park skating on 45DAs with looser trucks. I've appreciated what you've said over the years about how you can tighten up a 45DA to skate like a 10DA, but not the other way around. Do you think I'd run into stability issues on a ramp or at the park on short Avengers mounted forward?

And finally, do you mount ParkStars? They're not art skates, but they are high tops (about 1" shorter than my Boardwalk boots) and they do have an internal heel (23mm) so I wasn't sure if it's something you do. If not, is there anyone you recommend who does work with those boots and would give me a DocSk8-style mount?

Thanks in advance for your time and help!
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