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Originally Posted by Esk8 View Post
if I don't get enough physical exercise, I start to go bonkers
Yup. Same here. Both in terms of the simple need for exertion and the more ego-driven need to meet arbitrary goals. I’m working on a goal of 300 miles skated this month (after about three months of doing half that). If I don’t make that number I’m probably not gonna fling myself into the sea, but odds are I will be an itsy bitsy bit bitchy about it.

The other night I finally had my first long skate on my new Bonts. Jenn called me around midnight to see how much longer I was gonna be out. I told her I finally had them fitting well and was shooting for twenty miles (ended up doing 24). She said she was going to bed, and I assured her she’d be glad I was staying out to skate longer…meaning that my glee after finally doing twenty+ again would make me a much more pleasant boyfriend.
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