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Default Kitting out the Kids


I've got three kids, 9, 7 and almost 5 years old who have all learned to skate (and ice skate) at the local nursery.

As they got older, we passed on the kit from on to another, except when #1 out grew his pair at age 6, left the nursery and went to school, we didn't replace them.

A couple of years later, last summer in fact, we decided that we should get him a new pair of skates. One of his classmates invited him to come to her team practise one evening and we all went. Everybody loved it. And then we were invited to the last big race of the season the following Saturday. #1 and #2 took part and both won medals! And got hooked on speed skating!

So since then, they've been practising a lot, racing a little and a couple of months ago, #1 was moved from his fitness skates to low cut speed skates. Which he hated. They were really old, uncomfortable, heavy etc... Someone in the group then sold us a pair of second or third hand powerslide fibreglass skates with old wheels and bearings. #1 goes really well on these, but they don't sound too good despite my trying to clean them and we've been told that the wheels too are too worn and need replacing. #2 has also been told that if we can source them he could also use these style speed skates! Mum and I disagree!

OK. The good news is that soon a relative is going to come back from the States and has asked what he can bring with him. Everything is soooo much cheaper there with a wider range than here it is unbelievable! So could you recommend what to get? When he outgrows his current ones, we'll have to get boots locally so that he can try them on, but I'd guess that anything else can be better bought via the net!?

His current wheels are noname 84mm 85a hardness. I'd prefer to get him less hard wheels. I'd guess that the wear caused by a small (25 kg) child will be less and they'll provide him with better grip. Maybe even rain wheels too, because it traditionally rains on local race days! And they race almost exclusively outside on a dedicated asphalt track.

The bearings are something or other with a red plastic or rubber cap I'm loath to try and remove because I feel I'll never get it back on and all the ball bearings will fall out. I'd clean them regularly rather than pay for ceramics. Oh and people here clean and lubricate the bearings with WD40 which seems to be a bit strange to me? Would using a teflon bike chain spray be better?

He is still often falling over - partly with the change of boots - partly because he does push himself really hard. This is both painful and expensive in the number of new leggings we're having to buy. So some good knee / hip pads that don't slide down when he falls at speed would be good.

I don't mind spending a few hundred dollars because everything will be passed down to #2 and #3 in time.

So what do you think I should be getting the kids for their birthdays? And where from? Thanks in advance!
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