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Originally Posted by ursle View Post
,,, and the company that makes them exists because people agree, they know what they are doing, as I recall, the hydrogen-helium wheels are the only urethane wheels they produce, the rest are plastic or mixtures of plastic and urethane, but the hub is spot on, and you-all hate them because they are throw away(short life), well, move on.
If you can't even process what is already posted in this thread only a day or two prior, I worry for you.

Note the DOCUMENTED PICs of the degraded HELIUN WHEELS with urethane at 83A durometer posted above,

On super smooth outdoor surfaces and for skaters under 175 lbs. I think these are great, but on rougher surfaces and for heavier skaters. they perform less well and they die an early death -- as DOCUMENTED ABOVE.

Nobody who has rolled rough asphalt on the many BETTER PERFORMING alternative choices for a premium outdoor wheel will ever be singing the praises of Roll Line HELIUM wheels (except for their hub & very low weight).

After I rolled just one outdoor session on Velocity Race 70mm wheels, I totally dumped my Helium set for outdoor use. I will hang on to one set though for use on super slippery indoor floors, for which they are great.

Rollin' on AIR

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