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Originally Posted by quantoo View Post
Did pay the $58 pay per view and i think it was worth it this time as floyd fought an interesting fight.The ppv catchup was a great thing as it was my first time to use this option .Apon watching all the catch ups i saw something increadable in the floyds life that i didnt expect.Floyd skates at Crystal palace {boulder i think ?} and with all those millions of dollars he is skating on Nike outdoor skates by the look of it { possibly sponsored by nike }.The man can fight and skate!
Floyd seems to be mega talented but not perfect and i sincerely believe that his heart and soul is in it when he does charity work. He could be called an elite by some {me inclued}but he looks like hes genuine in giving a hand up to others that are trying.Ive taken a back flip on Floyds persona mate!
And who wouldn't like mcgregors life story? He is still young and can be forgiven for acting like a tosser sometimes, nobodys perfect and and we all loved the show in my circle.
Did anyone think it wasnt entertaining to watch?
I did not watch the fight live, or all of the pre-fight stuff. I caught the fight shortly afwarwards, as people posted round by round. Live, I did acutally watch a group who were watching the fight. Kind of got the gist of things by their oohs and aahs. I did load up on a lot of pre-fight stuff on YouTube though. Conner is quite a character. And the fight was good too.
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