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8/3 (Thu), did some pretty intense but short skating with a buddy...... at Dyer.

8/5 (Sat), Dyer again, late afternoon. Did some hills......

8/6 (Sun), Dyer again, late afternoon. Did some drills and invertals (4 to 6 min long).

8/8 (Tue), Dyer, distance skating with buddies.......

8/9 (Wed), Dyer, drills and hills.....

8/10 (Thu), Dyer, skated with my 2 training buddies. We skated at a relatively high average pace around the small loops. We rested at the downwind leg, and at race pace at the crosswind leg, and as hard as we can into the wind (sort of like an interval). The wind was at least 20mph. The last attempt was brutal, because one of them decided to break the 20mph mark. I did manage around 17 when it's my 2nd time to pull........
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