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Default Gas in the pace line

Okay, I know some of you are already laughing. I busted up just thinking about this topic. We all have it, it is natural. Maybe the hispanic food you ate last night is coming back for revenge. Maybe you shouldn't have had that Powerbar an hour ago. Maybe you are the adventurous lactose type that eat dairy for the thrills of torturing yourself. You have been out there skating as the sudden buildup comes. You know that you might as well call your skate quits due to abdominal cramping or really bad light headedness. When you are by yourself on the trail it is no problem to let it rip. Heck, sometimes I try to see if I can let it out with enough force to propel me on my skates not thinking that sometimes that can cause pain and could maybe burn a hole in my skin suite.

The question here though is what do you do if such a situation builds up literally while you are in a pace line....and you are not at the rear of it? Do you excuse yourself out the line to release it and settle back in the rear or maybe use it to see if you can get some sort of burst from it for a haphazard attack, do you try and hold on to it knowing you may suffer a performance drop due to the discomfort and trying to be courteous, or do you just gas the person behind you in a last ditch effort for relief without losing your position or in some sadistic way you seeked to gain an advantage by knocking out some of the competition? I may have tried to have too much fun with this but seriously, what would you do?
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