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Default 595 lace length...

Apologies for butting in...

Since I've got "flinstone feet", size 10, 4E & have had to order an xx-wide 595 boot. That being said stock laces don't work!! Obviously Reidell doesn't account for custom wide boots!!

I use military grade 550 cord (parachute cord) normally comes in black / olive drab green / tan, but others can be found at Army/Navy outlets.

I gut it of all the inner strands then melt ends to stop outer sheath from fraying. Laces lay flat, ties well & for regular session or speed skating lasts a very long time...derby may be an issue with knee slides and top of boots being and floor burning laces if not covered.

I'll measure and update this post with what I find.

Now back to your scheduled programming!!
Broken Joe
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