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Default Ulcer update

Off of the Nexium. I'm going to need to renew the prescription. Last time I was in to see the Doc, I felt so well I was seeing about dropping the prescript. But symptoms have returned.

Seems the best thing I can do it is eat less. Much less. I'm not generally a glut or anything, but I have to control the portions. The weight loss helps the ulcer as well as not digesting as much at once.

Still I can feel it in there. Still working on it.

I was for the fist time low on iron when I gave blood. They had to do two checks to get me in, then just barely. Dangerous self-diagnosis (WebMd): The ulcer is leaking the iron. But it takes time to rebuild the iron even after the ulcer is gone. Luckily, I love liver; beef or chicken. And chicken livers are extremly cheap.
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