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Interesting that I found this thread...curious if anyone else has experienced the following:

Been dealing with sensation of fullness/bloating and some general stomach/GI discomfort for the past year. Finally had a test that revealed my gallbladder is ejecting only 13% of the bile (normal is generally consider 50% or more). Ultrasound revealed that I do not have gallstones. Thus I've been diagnosed with gallbladder dysfunction (dyskinesia). Options are simple but limited...have surgery or just wait-n-see/track my diet. This is not an emergency situation and the surgeon says there's essentially no risk to waiting except for the continued symptoms or worsening.

I'm tired of the symptoms...but hate to have surgery if it isn't necessary. Anybody out there have their gallbladder removed (without gallstones present)? Glad you did...wish you hadn't?

Like many of us, I have visions of a great outdoor skating season next year. Sure would hate to get a solid base of cardio established over the winter and spring only to have it interrupted by surgery that I could have had now.

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