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Went to Dyer at really early morning. There's a mild southwest wind, giving downhill a decent push. So I decided it's going to be a hill training day. It had been uphill wind in the last almost 2 months, so this would be a good opportunity for me to get used to the speed. It's probably the 2nd or 3rd time I went down the big hill at Dyer with tailwind, but first time I attempted with a near full tuck.

Since I wasn't sure how fast I will be going, so I had a standing start from the stop (as opposed to furious rolling starts I did most of the time). The acceleration was surprisingly quick, but I had no stability problem at all (keeping my weight back). Then, split second before hitting the 2nd right turn on the bottom of the hill, I realized that I'd never gone so quick at that point before. I was so afraid that I miss the turn-in point and turn in too late. My left skate did wiggle a bit as I went through the turn. It's not a pretty one, but I made it through in and my legs were shaking badly after the turn.

For the 2nd attempt, I tried to stay a bit higher and told myself not to miss the turn-in point. But I still freaked out and choose the alternate run-offs with wider turn but shorter (therefore requires braking). I tried the 3rd time, and still can't get the confidence to make the turn. I know it's physically possible for me to make the turn (I did it in the first attempt at higher speed).

Just before I was heading up the hill again to try for the 4th time (this time half way from the top), the sprinklers next to the run-off were turned on.

So I went to the little hills instead, and did 6 more, all with furious sprints on top to gather enough speed. But the speed is nowhere near what I did on the big hill.

I was fustrated because I didn't have the courage to make the turn. I had no problem with the stability going down the hill. But in order go that quick, I have the make that tight right turn because the other run-off was too short. I just wish I could train on a hill with a straight (not curving) run-off at the bottom. I didn't know how fast I was going, but it's the fastest I ever went on Dyer, and it's close (but not enough) to what I did at Minneola/Clermont. What a different a 10mph tailwind can do.
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