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Default These skates have a substantial heel elevation

Originally Posted by Jakelin View Post
Thanks for the reply Armadillo. Do you think it would be better to buy an extra set of 70mm and put them on so that you have a 70mm/70mm front and back? I would think that having a smaller wheel on the back might feel funny, or would the average (or less than average skater in my case) not feel the difference?

Also, PM sent...
Actually, with the 1/2" plus heel elevation of these skates, switching the smaller wheels to the rear works rather well to achieve a more level boot & plate, and to better match up with the demands of skating outdoors. Plus it keeps the weight lower too. They would roll slightly better though if all wheels were a matching 70mm, but the 65mm twisters still have very good roll too and the rear wheels have less of an effect on the skates overall roll than the front wheels do.

The only way to get more 70mm Twisters that I know of is to buy a 2nd pair of the skates, as they are not typically sold alone.

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