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Default Heart health

Aches, pains, problems, where to begin? I guess at 71 all that is to be expected. Starting at feet and working up. I have to use arch support inserts in my shoes and skates, but it does fix that problem. Bunion hurts, but with a bunion pad it is not a problem. Then there are the little toes on the right foot that tingle and give pain also. The toe numbness and pain is related to the numbness(and occasional fire like pain) of the right leg. Neurologist says the compressed spine is causing the right leg and toe problems by pinching the nerves(lack of communication between brain and extremities). Maybe the brain is numb too??? Just had the gallbladder out. So, that problem has been resolved.

That brings me to the heart. Three years ago I had extensive tests conducted and they told me that I had a blockage that could require a stint, but it was at the iffy stage. So I elected to wait and not have a stint inserted. Sure glad I waited!!! This year I went to the cardiologist for a follow up check. After skating at least two sessions each week for a year, they could not find any problems. My heart was considered normal for my age. No evidence of a blockage!

Skating is fun and a whole lot of good for whatever ails you(as long as you don't fall too much - pad up and that problem is lessened too).

Keep rollin It's therapeutic
p.s. my heart-rate is consistently in the mid 60's
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