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"Skating is fun and a whole lot of good for whatever ails you(as long as you don't fall too much - pad up and that problem is lessened too)."
Agree with that! Have had to start wearing some knee pads as I have gotten acquainted with the floor the last couple of times out! Hadn't fallen in years, but at 55 it is slower getting up when I do, so.... Been nursing a sore knee for a couple of weeks now, before pads. Had a kid drop in front of me last week, pads made for a softer landing at least.
Health-wise I join some of you in gut issues. Was told I had Crohns 5 years ago after a scope, but have never had symptoms. Doc put me on some meds that made me feel horrible. Finally changed doctors a couple of years ago and no meds, still no symptoms, so good deal there. Have had to give up some foods, onions, bell peppers. Make me feel like some one stuck an air hose in me and pressed the button. Feel it in my chest and shoulders, so those get a voided. Still can eat jalapenos, and use garlic more now. Lost about 25 lbs a few years ago and felt great, but have put it back on. Looking to get into outdoor skating as I don't get to go to the rink as often as I would like. Still have kiddos at home so stay busy between work and them. Got a bike path close to where I work and plan to use it either in the am before work or at lunch time.
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