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For April:

One 5.6 mile hike. (My regular hiking group is scheduling in a non-useful fashion or there would be more)
Three bicycle rides totally 27.7 miles, mostly attributable to a day too wet to skate to work.
39 skates, totaling 461.93 miles

All together
Count: 43 Activities
Distance: 495.23 mi
Time: 46:32:33 h:m:s
Elevation Gain: 13,644 ft
Avg Speed: 10.6 mph
Avg HR: 119 bpm
Calories: 27,178 C
Max Distance: 39.06 mi
Max Avg Speed: 14.0 mph

I would have easily topped 500 miles except for a crazy rained out Friday Night Skate. I drove 45 miles into The City only to have it start raining as I neared the city limits, 5 hours earlier than forecast.
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