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Originally Posted by Derrick View Post
And I'm finally going i for exploratory surgery on monday. Just a couple of scopes no cutting. But I have to do the liquid diet/super cleanout Sunday. I hopw I can still skate. I think I should be able to. Better go saturday once or twice just in case.
Not being healthy sucks, but cramping the skating activities makes it even worse. We are fortunate to live at a time when medical science has made huge progress with the identification and treatment of disease. On the 23rd of November, I had my thyroid and several lymph nodes removed(cancer). Doc says he got it all. Feeling truly blessed. A nerve got severed and several places on the left side of my body are numb(like a shot of Novocain). But I am not complaining about what is lost. I am rejoicing for what I still have. Healing time is taking longer than I would like, but in two to three weeks I should be able to get back to skating again.

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