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Originally Posted by Trixton View Post
Odd, the R3s look pretty far back to me, which exact package did you get? I started on skates that were mounted slightly further forward than the R3s and felt they were way too far back. I now use a short forward mount (look it up if you don't know what that is). It's a bit different than the traditional standard mount, but I can skate with much better form and technique now. If you find yourself falling backwards while standing upright, stagger your feet so you don't fall backwards. Are you just doing regular session skating in them or some particular discipline?
To be honest I feel like I'm learning to skate all over again.

I was so unsteady on them today (first time out) I really didn't feel super secure. They're heavy, they're not amazing at turning, and they're just not as good as even a cheaper pair of boots I've had in the past.

The wheels are pretty good, though.

I kinda thought I'd have to learn to skate all over again. Put it this way, I wasn't going backwards or doing anything other than skating in circles - quite pathetic, actually. LOL
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