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Something more down these lines

yer quotes...

i tested sims 15 years ago and velvet or two tones one already existed but i ride them 1 day and sold them...too small diameter but too little contact patch...straight edges and bad urethane so....the myth is dead in my spirit.

you know the sims wheels were used for snakes boards, uk boards.....weren't produced at first for classic skate boards and quads at all...
i think the success came from the wheel choice in the 90s ....compared to krypto impulse or the beginning of cruise, maybe they fought with them and krypto rollo and they were ok....but for me the quality isn t really better than an poor impulse wheel.

large hub like on velocity race for jump....someone that do high jump will destroy them very fast because of the hub itself...

I'm just saying, in in '78, Sims released the first great outdoor wheel, today, a large hub, thin urethane are the norm, but 40 years ago, it was good....

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