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I have my doubts about the way the sole latching H/W sockets are embedded in the sole with glue. Despite my love affair with Shoe Goo over the years, IMO, if the suspension is set stiff, and a lot of skating up on the wheel edges is happening, a flexible sole is going to concentrate too much flexing leverage onto the glue holding the sole embedded latching H/W and gradually rip it out.

I am also concerned as to how thick the sole has to be to accept this H/W without your foot feeling it when walking.

The process of setting up a pair of shoes with these four sole embedded H/W items seems tedious and labor intensive. How does is average guy even going to be able to evaluate whether or not the shoes they desire will meet the minimum specification for properly accepting the conversion/upgrade?

How much will the labor cost for the shoe sole hole cuts and H/W install add to the total package price?

What agents in USA will be offering this installation service? How does a skater ensure that plates will end up mounted where the skater needs them to be, and not where the agent installer "thinks" they should go?

I have been formulating different, quick ON/OFF ways of attaching plates to soles for many years, and my conclusions have been and remain that engaging plate along the outer edge of the sole, not in the middle, is the better way to do this. Main reason being that there is not a lot of WEAR going to be happening along the sole edges compared to the bottoms.

Time will tell.

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