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Hi, I've been beta testing Onwheelz for a couple of month now. I've had a pair of K2 "phenomen" step in quad skates before (among other pairs of quad skates).

They are nothing alike. K2 had its own shoes and own plates, which were bad plates (very long, very heavy, no precision at all) and bad shoes ( hard sole, no fit, etc). Well , you could skate them, and it was nice to be able to go on skate to the theatre and then clip of your plates, but I never get any pleasure in skating them.

On wheelz are very different. Plates are Rolle Line blaster (for the high end, the more affordable ones are on sure Grip Rock), which is a very good plate. Shoes are high end sneaker. Not the best shoes for skates, but good enough, comfortable, and you get full control thanks to the onwheelz system and it's full foot system between shoe and plate. the system is installed in the shoes with a souple insole, so the shoe sole is not hard like in K2 or old inline step in boots. I walked them for hours in Paris streets with pleasure. I would not have been able to walk for ours with the K2 shoes.

As for the system in itself, it's very reliable. Well, it's only be a couple of month, but I skated them a lot, outdoor skating, but also for roller derby. I've had some training session with them, and even played a bout during french men championships. had no issues with them.

Of course there are downsides.
It adds weight.
You lose most of the shoe suspension, as there are parts on the heel of the shoes.
And as I was supposed to test the product the way final customer will get it, I did not had the choice in the way the plates were mounted. But as soon as I get their approuval, I'll unmount them and mount the blasters back on the intermediary plate just the way I like it.
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