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I have a pair of Rollerblade Nature skates they made back in the mid '90s. I liked them so much I immediately bought a second pair in case they stopped making them, which they did after just one year. Rollerblade thought they might make a good campus shoe/skate but it never took off. The boot was made by Asolo - a mountaineering/hiking boot company in Italy and the frames connected just like ice climbing crampons. Rock solid. Frames were heavy fiberglass tho.

More successful was a company called Hypno who had a better looking shoe and great point of attachment. Frames were extruded aluminum. Much lighter skate than the Rollerblades. Alas...Hypno had a much longer run of maybe ten years but are now gone.

Will removable frames change the world of skating? I seriously doubt it. But quads certainly lend themselves to less bulky shoes required to make them work. And who gets to add the plates to the shoes? Most people don't know which end of a screwdriver to hold.
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