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Default Advice for new skates for intermediate fitness skater

Hello All,

I'm a 32-year-old male trying to get back in to trail and fitness skating after a summer off due to the birth of my first child.

I've skated for about twenty years and fitness skated for about five. I currently have a pair of Rollerblade Igniter 100s that I think are about the most comfortable skate I've worn, but are way, way worn out after five years and about 1,500 miles.

I'd get another pair, but I have two complaints about the Igniter 100s. First, they use 3x 100mm wheels and 1x 90mm wheel, which makes buying new wheels a pain (ideally I'd like a 4x100mm skate). Second, they do sometimes feel a bit heavy and hot, but again with the comfort they provide, maybe that's a necessary trade-off.

I skate about 300 miles per season here in Minnesota. I skate almost exclusively on outdoor trails with various impediments to get over (twigs, rocks, patches of really rough road crossings, dirt/debris on the trail) and do like to skate a race or two a year, but only for fun. I normally pace myself at about 14 MPH. I also have a slightly larger frame at 6' and about 205 lbs.

Oh, the other thing that bothers me about the Igniter skates, but is possibly something that could be remedied - if I tighten the axles too snugly, they seem to squeeze the bottom frame which then makes the bearings of the wheels rub on the frame. Only a quarter turn looser on the axles, though, makes them too loose and prone to come out while skating (yes this has happened). Maybe it's just because they're worn out that they're doing this, but I'm a bit fed up with them at the moment.

Last thought - the Igniter 100 is a higher boot. I could be talked in to going with a slightly lower boot, but wouldn't want to go down to an ankle-height sort of skate since I'm not in shape to do that and likely won't get there (and need the support).

I appreciate any opinions anyone may have!
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