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Originally Posted by chacata View Post
Hi, you sound really ready to step on some speed boots but if not sure, a fitness/marathon style boot will be no problem. The speed boots look challenging at first but after some adjusting, the freedom of lower cuffs will be more appreciated than the support of the high boots trust me.

A skate the likes of a powerslide R4 or Seba Marathon boot are good a good option and don't be afraid to equip 110mm wheels, at 6' you have the frame for larger wheels and they will surely help overcome small obstacles easier.
Thank you, I appreciate your advice. I've thought a lot about moving to a speed boot, but comfort while having a bit of a poor form (yes, using the high boot to stabilize myself when tired) does sometimes save the day. I'll continue to stew on it.

I've done a few marathons (at about 1:40 pace) and don't suspect I'm going to get much faster with the amount I'm able to train, but it's always nice to move a little bit forward with training and see some progress. Maybe a shorter boot would open up my stride a bit (and force me to train those leg muscles more).

Thanks again!
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