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Originally Posted by PRFunky View Post
IMHO, the only thing you really need to concern yourself with going
from indoors to outdoors is wheels. Generally, you want something
softer outdoors that deals better with much-less-perfect surfaces.
There are people who swear by the Atom Pulse wheel for outdoor.
I don't personally have any experience with them. I've got a set of
Sure-grip Aerobic wheels which have been just fine for me. Too,
I have no experience with ramps and bowls though. Most of the time,
I'm skating quadlines outdoors which is a whole different kettle of
fish! Around here on SLF, there's been alot of talk about some bigger
wheels called Zombie Hawgs. If you do a Google search for
"zombie hawgs", that should turn up the

Have fun!
I agree that soft wheels are great for outdoors, but on ramps you need the firmness of a hard wheel. Look at the wheels the boarders use, very small, hard wheels to help get up to speed quickly and less friction to allow pumping.
Have a look at the Chicks in Bowls groups. These girls do a lot of ramp and street skating. Some useful information from them
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