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After a lot of research, which involved a lot of google translate use as most of the information out there is in German, I finally decided on the Skikes. They arrived yesterday but I haven't been able to take them out properly yet as I still have a cast on my wrist (our dog got under my feet & tripped me over, in trying to avoid flattening him I landed badly & fractured it) & the grief I would get from the wife is not worth it since the cast comes off on monday.
I decided on these because the braking system is supposed to be better, its standard on both skates on the Skikes, whereas the Powerslides only come with one brake & most of the people who had used both said the Powerslide brake was harder to modulate. I also thought they would be easier to use as transportation skates as I will be wearing shoes so no need to remember to bring them, looks like I could even lock them to a bicycle rack if I wanted too, instead of having to carry them around. I did consider the possibility of buying some more conventional frames for the Powerslides (125mm Megacruiser set) to swap the boots between but decided that wouldn't be very convenient because of the brake attached to the cuff. Another reason for the Skikes was that I thought the Powerslides might feel a bit too similar to my regular skates (because of the boot) & that it would make switching back & forth more difficult.
So far I have only assembled & adjusted them and had a bit of a test in the house. First impressions are that they will definitely cope with the rough surfaces around me, they are certainly no speed machines though. One thing I have noticed already is that the calf brake cuff does not really help all that much with stability, obviously it won't let the ankle move too far but the movement that it allows still feels odd to me at the moment. I think this could be a bit of a hidden benefit though as it may help to inadvertently strengthen my ankle, which an only be a good thing for the rest of my skating.
I did order some poles too but will try them without first.
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