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After getting the Skikes a few weeks ago I had forgotten that Iíd set an alert on eBay for Powerslide Nordic. Long story short I now have a pair of new XC Trail 2 skates as well (really cheap starting bid & I was the only bidder).

So today I got the chance to skate them both for the first time & have mixed feelings about both of them.

The brakes on the Skikes are very easy to use & I got used to them fairly quickly, wont want to do anything too steep just yet but they work well, have plenty of stopping power & feel like they are easy to control. The brake on the powerslides however as not so easy to use & since thereís only 1 doesnít feel as it will stop as well. The poweslide brake is also harder to control as itís mounted on the cuff. With the Skikes being mounted higher up on the calf the longer leaver works to both provide more power but also more control over the braking force.
I felt more comfortable on the Powerslides as I felt I had more control over the ďedgesĒ. With the Skikes being strapped to your shoes with Velcro they feel like really poorly fitting skates. I had a few instances were the surface bumps tried to twist the skate over onto an outside edge, in the Powerslides this was not a problem, just a minor almost subconscious correction, but the loose fit of the Skikes meant that I was fighting to keep the skates level & my inputs had to be more exaggerated & I had to concentrate a little harder.
The Skikes also feel like a better made, sturdier product. The frame & wheels on the Powerslide look a little weak in comparison.
If I had to choose to keep only 1 after this first session then the Skikes would be going back, the Powerslides are just easier & therefore more enjoyable, to skate. I live in a very flat area so braking system is something I can live with.
Ideally I would like a boot permanently screwed to the Skikes, that would be the best of both worlds, but I think the top plate on them is plastic so Iím not sure how that would work.
Iím gong to continue to skate them both for now, if I can get rid of the slop on the Skikes they would be the favourites.
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