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Umm... what does the "slim" mean in your question? I roll a set of
quadlines outdoors. Originally, I bought a set of high boots on eBay
with the trucks attached to some Sure-grip Super X plates (heavy).
Later, I transferred the trucks to a set of Riedell Carreras with the
same Super X plates. When I blew out my Carrera boots last year,
I bought a set of Sure-grip Rebel skates and simply replaced the
trucks with the quad line ones. These plates are actually nylon and
consequently lighter. Only mishap I had was one night I had to jump
a curb to avoid being hit my an unconscious right turning driver. My
skip up in this construction zone was not very graceful and I ended
up falling down. When I got up, I couldn't skate one boot. I pulled
it up to look and found that I'd actually jumped the rear truck right
out of the pivot cup and my truck and wheels were facing nearly 90
degrees cocked to the right. Simple fix once I obtained a wrench from
a nearby restaurant and was able to loosen the kingpin nut and
correct. Let me know if you need measurements or something. The
skates are out in my pickup truck as I take them everywhere I go.
The wheels I run in them are 100mm scooter wheels, I think their
width is 22mm and the duro is 82a.

Recently, I've had thoughts about how to cheaply convert other
skates to quadline. I notice skateboards can be found at Goodwill
around here for $4.99...
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