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I was in a similar position and it's a shame I wasn't part of this community until recently so this advice may now be a bit moot.

I bought a pair of Powerslide Imperial SUV (3 x 125 pneumatic warrior 2 tyres) back in March and have been using them fairly regularly.

Interestingly, I also came from an ice skating background - lightweight Eastex hockey skates. When I first tried these Powerslide skates, I too found that there was virtually no manoeuvrability and that they just wanted to go in a straight line. I too changed the centreline more toward the outside as they felt like they wanted to slide outwards which felt alien after ice skating for so long.

However, after inline skating on the Powerslides for a while now, I've found that my style has changed and that inline skating requires a slightly different swinging action. As that style has developed, I've moved the frame line back towards where it started because I WANT the skate to move outward in an attempt to get the double push. As your lifted foot comes down, you want to use the outside edge and push to the inside of your body (first push). As that stride curves outward, this gives you the main stride push (the second push). It just feels very weird vs. ice.

I must say that the SUV are great for fitness. I can get a good 180 BPM heartrate for about an hour, have worked just as hard (if not harder) than running and no impact whatsoever.

One thing to bear in mind though. Coming from ice - the SUVs are painfully slow. I can get a pretty good speed on ice and hockey stops keep me safe. On the Powerslide SUVs, I can get up about 1/3 of the same speed if really trying but stopping effectively can only be done with a drag stop. You can't really do lunge stops, powerslides or parallel stops.... not that you'd need them!

Hope this helps.
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