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So, been skating the Skikes exclusively since my last post. Gone through all the shoes I own & none were really suitable so Iíve bought some cheap walking boots. What a difference they have made. I used to feel like I was skating poorly fitting skates & couldnít work out if it was the foot to shoe connection or the shoe to a Skike connection that was the problem. I think it was a combination of both, my runnng shoes didnít really fit in the Skikes properly so no matter how tight I got the straps they still moved and my running shoes are purposely a little large to allow for my feet to swell & help avoid the runners toenail issue, so my feet could also move inside the shoe.
Starting to get my timing & rhythm dialled in now, itís feeling nice & smooth and I donít feel like itís rushed anymore.
Iíve found a couple of Facebook groups here in the UK, itís good to talk to more experienced guys. Thereís a Skike class in the Forest of Dean half marathon this year, too close for me to be ready this year but itís something to aim at for next year.
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