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I got a new pair of quadline skates put together about the middle
of July 2017. I had a spare set of unused wheels which were purple,
just like my new skates so installed them then. My skating season
here lasts from when the snow melts to when they start throwing
rock salt down for snow again. Basically, I can skate from late-March
to late November or early December. My quadline wheels are the
same thing as scooter wheels: 100mm circumference by 22mm width.
So, it's over a year later since I built the skates, that's... hmm...
1/2 July, Aug, Sept, Octo, Novemb... April, May, June, July, Augagain...
Okay, in 9 and a half months worth of skating outdoors, my 82a duro
wheels have gone from 100mm down to 93/94mm-ish. I'm totally
happy with that performance and will just skate these out for the rest
of the season. Come Spring, I have a new backup set I'll install then.
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