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Originally Posted by ese002 View Post
That's awesome! You should never "miss". I had an offer for job that would have cut my commute from 11 miles to 4. Great career move too. Unfortunately, the management had disturbing views on work-life balance. After much dwelling, I passed. Seriously bumbed me out.
Yeah, I don't know if the new job wants to kill me with work but like most large operations they likely hate paying OT and i will be working for an hourly rate. Either way, I either get more skating time immediately, or I get to refill the savings account I have been draining due to ACA draining it at the rate of $730/month for health insurance over the past two years. My new group health insurance is $150/month. Plus all of the other benefits.

Time will tell how much they try to kill me. I have other options if they get stupid.
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