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Well, I couldnt ever limit exercise to 2 days a week. I couldnt function, I wouldnt be happy, I couldnt concentrate well in work. I'm ADHD so I have no problem with my obsession. Its very healthy and I must exercise almost daily to be able to sit and function as normal. I could go to the bars to release stress, but I dont. I could take lots of meds to function, but I dont. I figure if I cant fit an hour or two in a day for me, I wouldnt ever want to be in that type of living situation. I think exercise is vital to health. If you do it just to compete, then maybe you need to step back. I've tailored my skating goals to more realistic ones, financially and to fit my schedule. I dont go to rinks now nor take pricey lessons. But I skate for fun, I skate outside now, I will skate around my work schedule and takes days off as needed. It gives me what I want and need to be healthy and happy. So skate addict and proud of it! I need something in my life that I'm passionate about, that brings me joy, satisfaction and health, otherwise, whats the purpose?
Learning new tricks again!! Life is good. :-D
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