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Originally Posted by skaterdog View Post
As time goes on and the family gets older you get more time to pursue your healthy, yet obsessive, interests.

Wow, what a thread. As one who is getting older, I can certainly attest to that. I spent the first part of my life trying to get away (and also sometimes enjoying) the nine brothers and sisters I had.

The second part was making sure my beautiful girl and handsome boy (both very intelligent) had everything they could possibly need, want or do while trying to find them a new dad that actually liked kids (never happened, although I finally found them a "friend" that I've lived with for 11 years). He is pretty much in his own bar world so we don't spend a lot of time together...although he is really a better skater than I am when I can get him to go.

And the third part, I am working 2nd shift, spend most of my free time alone (or still with my fabulous children).

For me, I love being outside anyway, so skating brings back my sanity...
It is a time to think, watch for the wild turkeys, the deer, the blue bird, the yellow finches that come along with me....

That is Flatwoods, folks, just take the time to look when you skate Squiggy.

An obsession? Probably not yet, but a passion, yes. I was the kid on the end of the whip line in the roller rink who got slammed into the rail who got up and said, wow that was fun. Let's do it again!

That is actually where I got the idea to take the kids to the rink for some peace for me. It is just a fun thing to skate.
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