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Originally Posted by JOORAW View Post
Also came on here just to get some thoughts on what pair of skates I should go for? Not looking really to spend too much just some decent speed skates and if anyone is willing to part ways with an older pair I am all eyes and ears. I would be about a size 10-10.5! I am located in Orange County.
I'm much like you and finding my way again after a 15 year hiatus. If you're after a low cost, used speed skate set, you'll have to keep your eyes on eBay, local classifieds or this forum section.

If you're not willing to wait and have a bit more to spend, there's still a reasonable supply of used speed wheels and plates available via this forum, but you're probably going to have to do your own build / mount. You'll end up with a 'nostalgia' build at a reasonable price. Alternatively, buy an off the shelf set of skates from companies like MOTA, Riedell, BONT etc, but most of their 'speed' skates are really derby skates.

Maybe fang around your local rink for a few months on that and then decide if you want back into the game to warrant something more personalised.
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