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Default Skating on damp asphalt

Hi I'm new to this site. I am a night worker here in wet Washington State. I try to skate twice a week on my way home in the early dark damp hours of the morning at the Everett Marina, safe place to skate. Most of my travels are on concrete sidewalk and some asphalt. Both surfaces right now have some damp vegetation from the trees. I currently have indoor type wheels that work pretty good but are slow. When I have totally destroyed these I would like to get something a bit faster with good grip. I use both Hockey style skates Hilow design and some Powerslide R2 with 3 x 100 wheels. I can get up to 110 on the speed skate frames.

I have been ice skating since the mid 1960's but just started speed skating. It's like learning to skate again almost and it takes a lot of attention to not dig my toe end of the blade into the ice. I'm having the time of my life back on the ice and have also had a blast on the inlines as they are much better that the old ones I had back in the early 90s.
Wayne Martin
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