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Originally Posted by Trixton View Post
A preference is a preference is a preference...

Yea, and somehow people turn preference into gospel, with very little understanding of the whole picture of what is going on.

I walk/run in minimal/reduced footwear (running doesn't have to be minimal if you have joint issues) and can say that there is nothing that will strengthen your feet/stabilizers and improve your gait more than proper conditioning of your feet and ankles through natural movement.

yeap, and even running has form, 2 people identical weight, feet everything can have drastically different stress applied to their joints

Yeah... I've gone in circles with people on this one, orthotics should generally not be worn for "normal" use case scenarios and should be reserved for cases where the patient is debilitated beyond rehabilitation...
Yeap, totally agree. An orthodic is to replace something that cannot be fixed through proper conditioning. Such as a deformity, or injury causing a severe limit to ones physical capability.
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