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All my heliums are yellow hub, those must be hydrogen, a softer compound, lesson learned
Don't see any mention of them (hydrogen) possibly discontinued because of lack of sales.
If yer done with those wheels someone else may have a use, they look perfectly roll-able

IF you HAVE to skate on rough roads, adding padding underneath the foot isn't the cure, the foam is only going to add friction, a hard orthotic, molded to your foot is going to allow all your weight to be supported all the time, think microscopically, better balance, less energy being wasted as heat, especially underfoot...heat=blisters.

If you spend time on a bicycle you've learned that a foam padded seat vs a hard seat is night and day in terms of comfort, the foam seat has problems, the foam compressed differently in different spots causing hot spots and general discomfort, a hard seat is much more comfortable, less friction, but this is a lesson you must learn for yourself
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