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Default Hang in there

Originally Posted by whiskey02 View Post
Sincere congrats Greysk8ter!!!
I'm less than half way through nine week of radiation for prostate cancer. Unrelated to that, just about everything else in my life right now sucks @ss big time, EXCEPT for skating. I'll be alright.
We benefit from all the suffering of those before us. Medical science has progressed significantly as a result. Fortunately for you and I, the success rate for treatment is much higher than just a few years previously. This disease affects all ages of all people. I've seen little children racked by cancer and that is the most difficult to witness.

The research being done indicates there are breakthrough discoveries being made. Hopefully, humanity will someday soon look at cancer as it does polio now - a disease eradicated.

The skating is good not only for the psychic, but it strengthens the body and organs(heart & lungs) overall. Rigorous exercise helps with the healing process. So be of good cheer and by all means -

Keep rollin
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