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Default Durable outdoor build similar to indoor build?

Hello DocSk8!

I really need some help here. Iíve had my dream skates for a few years now (Riedell 195 Redline, Labeda Proline, Rollerbones Turbo 88a, Bones Ceramic) and simply love them. Theyíre a dream on the maple floor, although I still havenít found quite the ideal insole yet (Superfeet so far, but thatís another issue...). Hereís a link to them if youíre curious, Iím still proud of them! Jam'N'Speed West built them.

Anyway, the issue I have now is that my boys have discovered scooting at the skate park, and today I took my quads with me. I had an absolute blast and was surprised how quickly I got used to going up and down the hills. I would have been more daring, but my Proline has a mirror finish on it, my boot has no scuffs on it, and Iíd like to keep it that way.

I want to get a ďskate parkĒ skate thatís really geometrically similar to my 195/Redline skates. Iím open to any boot as long as it doesnít have a heal (I know youíre fond of Bont boots, Iíve been team Riedell my whole life but am game to trying something new). Iíve also skated on a Reactor or Proline for a lot of years, but am not averse to a nylon plate as long as itís not 45 degrees.

Iíd like to spend the minimum to get me to the geometry Iím used to, and have a secret hope that youíll recommend something that I end up liking even more!

TLDR: Need a boot/plate recommendation for something that can take a beating, similar to 195/Proline.

I really appreciate the time you take to help us!

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