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DaveMorgan: Still learning the new forum...couldn't make your quote come up in speedie's post.

Originally Posted by speedysktr View Post
My point exactly. I'd assumed it was solo when making the above statement. What I don't know is the amount of hills in Glenn's route. If you were pack skating on the exact same course, typically there'd be an automatic reduction in time assuming it was a cooperative pack etc. Factor a more challenging course and it levels the playing field again. Glenn, I'm predicting that you'll be ecstatic when you roll into Piedmont Park.
That trail/track is 1.4mi long for 2.8 mi laps (according to the county: ). It's got one hill at the far end about twice as long and high as freeway ramp up to an overpass. The grade starts below the freeway level and ends at the overpass road. Yes, the whole thing is done solo, no rest stops and pit stops would be reported.
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