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Originally Posted by sykosk8 View Post
Hey there,

I have a Riedell 122 boot men's 10 (never had a plate on it) and I am going to mount some Powerdyne Dynapro Aluminum plates size 7. I have put my foot in and figured out what I think is the right spot to mount these plates but was wondering if the doc had any access to templates I could look at to be sure I have it right.
Templates?? Don't use 'em. My deadly eyeball and 6" machinist rule suffice. To be quite honest there are good instructions @ RS Dave has it pretty well figured out...

To be honest, I have to have it in front of me to make sure its right. Here is a thought. Look at brikkee's sk8 pix. That should help you get where you need to be.

One last thing. The Dyna Pro's trucks have a tendency to come loose around the axles...(I could have worded that better). It seems to be pretty common...and I classify that as "Not a good thing"
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