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Originally Posted by Wendy Hammond View Post
Hi Jim - Don't give up - just move rinks if you have another within travelling distance. I am so envious of all the older skaters who have the strength and courage to keep going. Once every blue moon, I put an old pair of inlines on and struggle round the edge of our sports hall - all I get is "Mum you're embarrassing us get them off." I did once try a pair of quads but was told by a skating coach friend to get them off before I bl***y killed myself. I can skate the most amazing programmes in my dreams - and know that it will never be reality. Those of you with courage keep going you will only regret it otherwise...
Best wishes to you all!!!!
Hi Wendy !!!
Please don't let the kids get you discouraged !!! "Keep on rollin" ..."
A coach was talking with a small crowd a few weeks ago. I guess the kids were making fun of... or complaining about all the old timers ???? He told them..."hey, don't be fooled by their age ", "they are quite proud of the fact that they can still be on the floor and are quite good (and strong) at what the do"....
If it's in your heart and you even dream about it... "keep going"... the more you do it the easier it will get !!! We were off skates for 25 years and when we came back I was "shaking in my boots" and didn't dare go on the floor without holding my husbands hand for the first 6 months... eventually I got a little stronger and gained some confidence.... "you will too" !!! And then, one day you will see your kids give you a little smile and you will feel soooo good !
Also... put them on and roll around more often than "when the blue moon rises" LOL !!! ... if you can, 2 or 3 times a week will give you quicker results!!!

Best Wishes Wendy !!! Keep us posted on your progress.
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