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Reg' and Everyone--

The reality check is when most of us "adult skaters" start or restart skating it's a choice to rebuild and strengthen ourselves for a variety of reasons including our health. Most of us who've skated before know there are going to be falls, bumps and bruises along the way to get back to some semblance strength and form we had before. And we also agree the risk is worth taking--

But there are a couple things we need to take into consideration and this thread has pointed them out--

1. Take your time. We're not 15 yrs old any more! It took a while to get to be a decent skater when we were young. Now that we're (ahem) a few years older, it's going to take a while to get back into shape. Remember life's the journey not the victories, and nothing really good for you happens in one day-- unless you happen to hit the Powerball or Multi-State Lottery. Then we will all be looking at you to build a decent roller rink in a lovely retirement area where we can all move to and build one heck of a kick-b^tt adult club!

2. Finding a rink that is interested in building a "Community of skaters of all ages" or a real family sports center where everyone is welcome-- and they are more concerned with running a safe, clean well maintained rink, vs. looking to bail out, by making a fast buck off the real estate value of the property.

That's my 25 cents worth of opinions for the week!
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